About the Project

Station Square Park officially opened on January 23, 2016! 

After breaking ground in September 2014, the Station Square Transit Village officially opened on January 23, 2016.

A special Station Square Park Dedication was held for the community to celebrate one of the largest public works projects in the City's history. Metro's Gold Line service was soon to follow, opening to customers on March 5, 2016.

Learn about the on and off-site improvements that were involved in making this project a success for our community. 


Station Square On-site Improvements

  • Establish flexible and user-friendly transportation options and transfers.
  • Create an environment that is unique to other Gold Line stations.
  • Create a mix of uses and activities that will attract transit users, visitors, and residents.
  • Celebrate the train as an activity and feature.
  • Create seamless pedestrian and trail connectivity with the existing regional bicycle and trail network.
  • Create shade by adding vegetation to soften the site’s environment and to create a comfortable community space.
  • Develop a phased plan for the site to allow the station to open and function, if/while other components are being completed.
  • Leverage the Depot as a signature use, activity, and destination.
  • Promote safety at and through multiple access points to the site.
  • Develop flexible edges to promote redevelopment of adjacent properties.
  • Promote environmental education through exposed storm water management facilities and use of vegetation.

Station Square Off-site Improvements

  • Define walkable access point and paths to the Station Square site.
  • Align with Metro’s Bicycle Plan and Los Angeles County’s Trail Master Plan.
  • Establish connectivity patterns and corridors, creating access into the community.
  • Establish Station Square gateways to create an identity and culture.
  • Create identifiable and user friendly way finding and signage.
  • Promote and influence neighborhood redevelopment.
  • Utilize existing uses as opportunities to attract new uses.
  • Define the edges of the adjacent neighborhood