Hi! Welcome to the City of Monrovia's Transportation page. Most people are interested in finding out the phone number, hours, and fares for the City's popular Monrovia Transit service (also known as the "Dial-a-Ride"). In addition to checking out that information on our webpage, you can also call (626) 358-3538.

Or, if you're looking for additional transportation offerings in the area, just click on one of the following links: Foothill Transit (bus), Metro (bus and rail), or Access Paratransit (transit for disabled), and it'll take you directly to their website.

"But, wait! What if I'm trying to plan a trip that requires me to use a combination of Foothill Transit, Metro, bike riding, and/or walking?" That's easy. Go to Google Transit's webpage, enter some basic trip information, and let it do the work for you.

Happy riding!