Online Documents

The City has moved to the OnBase Document Management System.  You can find documents related to:

  • Council Agenda Reports - The agendas, minutes, and staff reports for each City Council meeting
  • Council Documents Search – You can use search words to find the documents that you want
  • Board / Commission Documents – You can use search words to documents related to City Boards or Commissions
  • Building Permits – Use search words to find building permits or look at the list of folders – it allows you to walk through the folders to find the documents that you are interested in.

If you are ready:

Please use Internet Explorer.

Firefox requires V17 ESR (Extended Support Release)  It can be found here

Chrome is not supported

It will ask you to turn off your popup blocker and possibly install a antiblocker software

Click here to continue to Onbase


  • Some simple instructions can be found here
  • You can use the * as a wildcard for searches
  • Press on the binoculars to start your search
  • Press on the Door (top left area) to logout when you are done